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Meet the Author

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Joyce Asong

Hello! My name is Joyce Asong. In March 2021, I published my first novel, Respect Yourself, under the pen name, F.J. Nkengasong. Respect Yourself is a thought-provoking page-turner that tackles the topics of racism and colorism head-on. Respect Yourself takes place in college freshman, Foma's eventful first semester, which is marred by a great loss, a turbulent romance, controversial scandals, and student uprisings. Respect Yourself also exposes readers to the rich African culture.

"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."—Toni Morrison 

Debut Publication

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In this thought-provoking page-turner, Joyce Asong, under the pen name, F.J. Nkengasong, tackles the topics of racism and colorism head-on while exposing readers to the rich African culture—one filled with delectable cuisines, stimulating customs and traditions, and humorous banter.


Author-Read-Tea is a podcast where I tell the stories of some of the most influential writers the world has ever seen, with a story-teller’s flare. Also in this show, I provide book reviews and summaries of some of my favorite reads. 

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